Please help those that Serve and Protect.

All of NetPets.Org’s time and resources has been devoted to its MilitaryPetsFOSTER Project. This in a permanent program consisting of a Nation Wide & Global Network of INDIVIDUAL FOSTER HOMES who will be able to care for the Dogs, Cats, Birds and all other types of pets of those in the military who are being mobilized. Your much needed support will assure that these Beloved Pets will be nurtured, housed and cared for, until they can be reunited with their owners.

NetPets.Org’s MilitaryPetsFOSTER Project is a Perpetual Program that is
Recognized by the U. S. Department of Defense as their Pet Asssistance Provider
Recommended by the Military and Endorsed by Donald H. Rumsfeld..

*** NetPets.Org is also a proud team member of America Supports You ,***
the Military Severely Injured Joint Support OperationsAAFES and NCIS.

SPECIAL NOTICE: (First posting 8/20/04)
We did assist all the Military’s Pets that were displaced in the wake of the 2004 Hurricanes
SPECIAL NOTICE: (First posting 9/3/05)
We assisted in the coordinating of identification and reuniting of owners, and their beloved Pets, that were left behind and separated during the evacuation of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama during the hurricanes of 2005. We also assisted by fostering the pets of military personnel who were deployed on short notice, to assist victims of the impacted hurricane areas.

Here’s how you CAN make a difference!


NetPets.Org’s MilitaryPetsFOSTER Project needs assistance from individuals like you, as well as corporations and foundations, in order for us to achieve our mission and goals. Your 100% tax-deductible Charitable Donation will definitely make a difference.

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